Artist Peggy Kuiper, Amsterdam

Artist Peggy Kuiper, Amsterdam

"I've always liked a challenge. Even if something feels frightening, I choose to be brave and see it through."

One might experience Peggy Kuiper as mysterious from a distance. But the closer you get to her, the clearer it is that every element in her life is consciously considered. Peggy puts together the pieces of her puzzling existence through her own, unique set of rituals. Nothing is coincidental, unless she wants it to be.

Call it a mystery, call it autonomy. If anything, it puts her in control of her own narrative.

Peggy knows what she wants, and she is used to working hard for it. Her workspace is her safe house, her special corner of the eart where she knows that she belongs. She knows the rules here, and how to break them playfully. Feelings get turned upside down and inside out and become strokes of a brush on a piece of canvas.

" I have always liked a challenge. But every time i paint my own vulnerability, I put mask on their faces or us comforting hands to cover up vulnerable parts of them. I guess i still have secrets to discover about myself, too."

The easy road never felt rightful for Peggy. She is quite comfortable walkeing alone. It shows in her paintings, where faces remain absent even when surrounded by many others. Always in search of something beyond their reach.

Most of Peggy's outings are defined by her emotional use of color. She recently decided to strip down all colors of her work to get to her core, resulting in a monochrome echo of her naked self.

"I wanted to know what would be left of me, without any distractions. But i learned that I like using colors to distract myself. They speak a truth that sometimes can only be felt, even though I don't always understand it."


Words by Zainab Goelaman | SchrifKUNST

Talent Peggy Kuiper

Creative Direction RIKA STUDIOS